REVIEW: The Dip Run (2018)

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One of the things that I have found fascinating about social media is how pop culture has become a niche market in many ways. This explains how some of the ‘big’ musical acts seem to come out of nowhere, often to my annoyance. It isn’t just music, it applies to everything that we enjoy or consume. The gatekeepers are no longer the cigar-chomping board room types, but rather social media influencers or fans. If you like a particular product, there is a community for that; and among those communities arise their own celebrities, spokespeople, and many others. What Andy Warhol said regarding everybody having their fifteen minutes of fame is in its own way coming true. So if I were to tell you that there is an entire subculture dedicated to snuff or chewing tobacco, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Other than an asinine moment in high school, I haven’t actually tried chewing tobacco. It was something that was present in my family when I was little, but by and large it seemed to have been something that has gone to the wayside, and this is coming from someone who spent most of their life living in West Virginia. It was a bit of a surprise when I was surfing through YouTube a few years back to come across a series of “Dip Channels.” What seems to be an endless stream of “Snuff Videos” where brands of smokeless tobacco are reviewed. I haven’t delved into the subculture on any real level, but I do admit that I have enjoyed watching videos by Outlaw Dipper.

To give you a heads up, I’m critical of subcultures in general. I find the idea of 420 culture rather silly, so you can imagine my views Dip Culture. I’m also a contrarian asshole, so you can take my word with a grain of salt.

A few nights ago I watched the film The Dip Run, which is a feature film that was put together by these popular Dip youtubers. I started writing a review the other day, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to review it at all because this is a movie that has a very specific audience in mind. It’s also a movie that I can’t recommend, so I’ve been up in the air whether or not a review would make it on here.

The story is pretty straightforward. Four friends travel across the country in an RV to pick up a large shipment of snuff tobacco and get caught up in trouble along the way. There isn’t much plot beyond that, the movie ultimately becomes a series of scenes as the friends caught in various trouble as they get there. You can’t say that the makers of this film didn’t put in the effort because it doesn’t look homemade. I guess the real problem is that I am not the audience for this sort of thing, and chances are my readers won’t be either. Much of the film serves as product placements for the various corporate sponsorships that these influencers have. The Dip Run also serves as a vehicle for the kind of stereotypical redneckery that I simply don’t have a taste for. What might work in something like South Park doesn’t work here because South Park at least makes itself a target of its own attacks along the way; here the phrase “punching down” kind of applies. While I may have been highly amused by the Tourette’s girl and the creepy backwoods family, much of this simply doesn’t work or is unnecessary. (I am well aware that I will probably be accused of the same crap when my book comes out; but I do my thing, you do you. Haha) My fairest criticism is that this movie has its audience, and based on the Amazon reviews that appears to be true. This is the kind of movie that has a cameo with Based Stickman, if that gives you an idea.

All that being said, one of the purposes behind Rude Planet is that we are supporters of free speech. If you go on YouTube, you can always look up Outlaw’s channel. If you “Pack, Dip, Spit”, you can also pick yourself up a Mud Jug. The Dip Run? If it proves anything, we are living in a time where you can get a movie made and get it seen. When everything seems to be dominated by Disney, sequels and remakes; it really does matter that there is a choice. Other than a few scenes, however, I can’t really recommend it.

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REVIEW: The Dip Run (2018)

by Matthew Reel time to read: 3 min