REVIEW: Money Shot #1 (2019)

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I’ve been behind in reading my ever growing stack of comic books. It’s been a rough, but fulfilling few months, so as things appear to be returning to normal I had decided to visit my comic “pulls” and see what I had been missing. I had completely forgotten that a few months back I had contacted my LCS (Local Comic Store) and requested Money Shot #1 to be added to my stack.

Money Shot revolve around inventor, Christine Ocampos, who had created a new teleportation device. After finding herself horny at her lab, she takes the time to find some porn online. Her encounter with some bad gonzo porn gives her the idea to convince her lab team to use her teleportation device to visit other worlds and fuck aliens on camera to raise money.

The problem is? It’s boring.

Its been about a year since I’ve started collecting comics again. I have to admit that I have found the quality of comic writing to be going downhill fairly fast. More often than not, the comics I’ve been bringing home on a weekly basis has had quite a bit of unentertaining clunkers in the mix. The problem with Money Shot is axactly what I had stated. The writing is not bad by any stretch, but it is amazingly bland. Tim Seeley has been in the comic industry for a while. He is known for series such as Hack/Slash and G.I.Joe. He is currently scripting the current Bloodshot run by Valiant. What I’ve read from him has shown me enough that he knows what he’s doing.

With Money Shot, Seeley has teamed up with comedian Sarah Beattie to take a sex positive approach to the material. Here’s the thing, I love the concept, but it appears to me that Seeley and Beattie didn’t really have the nerve to take this book to its logical direction. Seeley had stated about the project that “It’s about porn but it ISN’T porn.” We all get that, but for a series that claims to be raunchy should at least rise to the level of an old Rusty Warren LP, which it doesn’t. This issue largely revolves around Christine and her lab-mates sitting around, drinking coffee, and talking talking talking. When it comes time for the naughty bits, it’s as if Seeley and Beattie did their best to avoid the subject altogether. When the entire second page of the book has Christine in a provocative pose saying “I want you to fuck me, sexy fish-man!”, maybe it would be nice if Money Shot really went for it. On the plus side, however, artist Rebekah Isaacs really does a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. The art is vibrant and alive, but unfortunately she isn’t given much to work with.

The series has a lot of potential, but I am not sticking around for it. I’m not saying I’m not recommending it, you may find more out of it than I did.

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REVIEW: Money Shot #1 (2019)

by Matthew Reel time to read: 2 min