Trailer released for Shudder’s CREEPSHOW series

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Let just put this out there right away, Creepshow and Creepshow 2 are classics. If you’ve seen them, then you know. Both films featured stories by Stephen King, with the first film being directed by George A. Romero. There was a third film in the series that came out in 2006, but that was a mere cash grab in name only.

It’s Comic Con season. While one trailer after another has been relentlessly dropped into our laps the past couple of days, here we have the trailer for the Creepshow series that is being released by the horror streaming service Shudder. While the trailer looks pretty cool, I still am not going to pay for a subscription. Sorry, Shudder. I still may have a free trial available to me, I don’t know. If I do, I may pull the trigger when the time comes. It looks like they are following up to “The Crate” story from the first film, the series has some great stars such as Adrienne Barbeau and Jeffrey Combs. The series also has Tobin Bell for you Saw fans.

It looks cool enough. You can check it out in September.

One thought on “Trailer released for Shudder’s CREEPSHOW series”

  1. Adrian says:

    This actually does look like it might be pretty good! I have never even heard of Shudder though. Must be another service I pay for and never have time to get my money’s worth. 😛

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Trailer released for Shudder’s CREEPSHOW series

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