SHEBOYGAN MAN: Serial Toilet Clogger Sentenced

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A 35-year-old Sheboygan man was sentenced Monday to three years of probation for clogging women’s toilets in Deland Park and at his place of work.

Patrick D. Beeman  was originally charged with 12 misdemeanors of criminal damage to property, but seven of the charges were dismissed in early June.

Serial toilet clogger, Patrick D. Beeman, told police that he has “urges to do odd things”, such as find bottles to plug up women’s toilets. He was recommended for thirty days of jail for each offense, which was reported to cost the city $200 per. He was identified from the temp agency that he worked for that stated that similar incidents had happened at the companies he was placed at.

Beeman will continue his employ under a work program but must report to jail every evening and will have three years of probation.

Beeman apologized and promised not to do it again. Here at Rude Planet, we would like to remind him that there should be perfectly decent toilets in the clink. We do not wish to encourage him to “Oh come on, live a little.” But chances are that water bottles won’t be readily available there anyway.

Source: Sheboygan toilet clogger sentenced to probation, 150 days in jail

One thought on “SHEBOYGAN MAN: Serial Toilet Clogger Sentenced”

  1. Adrian says:

    I feel like the key word here is ‘women’s toilets’ – what kind of misogyny is going on here!? Lol

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SHEBOYGAN MAN: Serial Toilet Clogger Sentenced

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