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DC announced today that the company will rebrand in 2020, bringing all of its publishing content together to be organized and marketed under the DC brand. This move means the end of the beloved Vertigo publishing imprint, as well as the recently-launched DC Ink and DC creating three age-specific labels – DC Kids, DC and DC Black Label – that would absorb all of its existing imprints and focus DC’s publishing content around characters and stories that evolve and mature along with the awareness and sensibilities of DC’s readers. As a result of this new labeling strategy, DC will sunset the Vertigo publishing imprint at the end of the year.

I can’t actually say that I feel like Vertigo has ever really been back. To be quite honest, the titles that have been slated under the new Vertigo just simply haven’t appealed to me. I guess it kind of makes sense. Black Label has pretty much filled the void to where Vertigo was in the nineties to a certain extent. Vertigo always felt like it was on the fringe, with just enough claws to give it an edge. It also felt completely outside of the DC Universe. Business decisions are what they are.

I’ve been enjoying the Black Label content so far. I liked the idea that it was reserved for prestige content, so I’m not exactly sure something like Goddess Mode will sell many more issues in a deluxe format. I suspect that will go as well. I am looking forward to going back and giving Scott Snyder’s American Vampire a go.

But the days of good Vertigo are long gone, so I don’t think there’s much to mourn right now. I’m still in the middle of my first trip through Transmetropolitan and it is a stark reminder of what Vertigo once was. If you have any recommendations on recent Vertigo titles I should look at, let me know!

RIP. Well at least for now. You know how it goes, Vertigo will be back when it’s financially prudent to do so.

Source: DC To Officially Retire Vertigo As It Rebrands Under a Single Banner

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R.I.P. VERTIGO Comics (1993-2019) [comicbook.com]

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