Pizza Time? Marvel Comics Teases A Webby Number Four

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Could Marvel Comics is giving Sam Raimi the opportunity to tell the Spider-Man story he never got to tell? Sure, the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four team-up is more likely, but Marvel Comics editor-in-chief CB Cebulski retweeted the teaser saying, “No one is going to see this one coming…” It has to be something more unexpected that another Spidey and Fantastic Four team-up, right?‘s article put most of the emphasis on a possible Spidey/Fantastic Four team-up. To put it bluntly, that’s boring. That sort of thing has been done to death for decades.

If Marvel has in fact decided to do a comic book telling of the unmade Spider-Man 4, I will be all over that for sure. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films are still well beloved and there is a vibrant meme community surrounding the franchise on social media. In my opinion the original Raimi trilogy is still, to this very day, superior Capeshit. Even the much maligned Part 3 that suffered from studio meddling has a lot to offer.

To be quite honest in regards to Marvel’s current comic book output, it’s a true “Wish in one hand, shit in the other” affair. It will probably be a third option where Marvel thrusts on its readers something nobody wanted in the first place. Sort of like War of the Realms.

Source: Marvel Releases Mysterious Spider-Man 4 Teaser

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Pizza Time? Marvel Comics Teases A Webby Number Four

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