FLORIDA MAN: Bitcoin Millionaire’s Truck Stop Escapade (TCPalm)

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Deputies found the man – Groves – drinking Four Loko, a canned alcoholic beverage available in varieties including fruit punch, hemp and sour grape. Groves smelled of booze and had a hard time standing.

Groves told deputies he “lives in Malta and has only 8.8 million dollars of Bitcoin on him,” an affidavit states.

It must be hard times for crypto millionaires these days. James Groves claimed that he had no friends and carried no credit card. He had a shitload of bitcoin and the state’s official beverage to get him through his truck stop escapade. When he refused to leave he was arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge.

I believe the story, it is still hard as fuck to use bitcoin in most everyday cases. Trying to convince the everyday person to accept your magic internet money can be a hard sell. Florida does not recognize Bitcoin as a “payment instrument” and you technically need a business license to sell them. I’d say he should maybe go back to Malta, but Groves has his address listed as Palm Bay. If he hadn’t tied one on, maybe we’d know more about him.

Source: Bitcoin millionaire embarks on truck stop ladies room rant

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FLORIDA MAN: Bitcoin Millionaire’s Truck Stop Escapade (TCPalm)

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