End of an Era: MAD Magazine to No Longer Hit Newsstands, New Content Diminished (NBC)

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Mad magazine, the satirical publication famous for asking, “What, me worry?” and its gap-toothed, big-eared mascot Alfred E. Neuman, is coming off newsstands and will largely stop publishing new content, its owner DC said an email Wednesday night.

DC said that after Issue 10, there will be no new content, except for end-of-year specials, which will be all new. Issue 8 of Mad magazine, which had been published every other month, went on sale June 12.

The end of an era, for sure. MAD Magazine has been a staple of satire and humorous content for the better part of a century, but are people still buying it? It is kind of sad thinking that MAD will no longer be on newsstands, but I know for sure that I haven’t bought an issue in nearly thirty years. When Donald Trump called Pete Buttigieg “Alfred E. Newman,” Mayor Pete said that he had to google it.

Is MAD Magazine really a generational thing? It certainly is sad to think so.

Personally I am wondering what this really means towards the status of DC Comics. Last week they had announced that they were getting rid of their Vertigo imprint. Earlier still, DC had announced they were no longer going to be double-shipping titles in 2020. It appears that some numbers are being pushed, and today MAD is the most recent casualty.

Source: Mad magazine to come off newsstands, largely end publishing new content

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End of an Era: MAD Magazine to No Longer Hit Newsstands, New Content Diminished (NBC)

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