CLICKBAIT: Serial Killer Aileen Wournos predicted asteroid strike for 2019? (Daily Star)

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The prostitute, who claimed the men she killed tried to rape her, predicted a rock would hit Earth out of “retaliation” for her being sentenced to death.

She said: “You sabotaged my ass, society. And the cops, and the system… a raped woman got executed. “It was used for books and movies and shit. You’re an inhumane bunch of f****** livin’ b*****ds and b****s and you’re gonna get your asses nuked in the end, and pretty soon it’s comin’! 2019 a rock’s supposed to hit you anyhow, you’re all gonna get nuked

Uh oh. An asteroid named 2006 QV89 is going to come close to Earth in September. If you really want to get shit on your britches, the European Space Agency points out that the asteroid has a one in 7000 chance of hitting Earth. The Daily Star is quick to point out that is a much slimmer chance of winning the lottery.

But before you start pointing your finger at me for perpetuating fearmongering clickbait, keep in mind that there is a 100% chance that websites like the Daily Star will post another doomsday scenario within the coming weeks (perhaps even days or hours)—that’s what news sites do. If we were to believe every single news item that came across our computer screen, truth be told, we all should have been dead a thousand times over by now.

Still, you’re reading this, right?

2006 QV89 will be passing within 4.2 million miles of the Earth on September 9. By then we will probably have heard about three more close calls to come by next year. Maybe Yellowstone will have grown another inch. At the end of the day, maybe Aileen deserved better.

Source: Asteroid Aileen Wuornos predicted could strike Earth this year – Daily Star

One thought on “CLICKBAIT: Serial Killer Aileen Wournos predicted asteroid strike for 2019? (Daily Star)”

  1. Adrian says:

    I remember back in the day when these stories use to suck the life out of me for a few days – making everything that was a joy seem trivial. Haha. I like the articles use of Aileens prediction to make the threat seem more substantial, and while Its not really for me to say if she deserved better. I doubt it made the victims family’s feel better in any positive way – and somehow Its not hard to feel a nauseating sympathy for her.

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CLICKBAIT: Serial Killer Aileen Wournos predicted asteroid strike for 2019? (Daily Star)

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