Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal’s Gold Chain is News… (PageSix)

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The actor, 38, hit the red carpet at Wednesday’s premiere of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” sporting a sleek blue suit and a sparkling gold necklace, the latter of which quickly caused a stir on social media.

Yes, PageSix, I’m sure that gold chain is setting “Twitter ablaze.” Here is a tip to websites: if you are looking to generate content, just mine Twitter to fill up your wordcount bullshit. To PageSix’s credit, they don’t actually spam their article with endless tweets from random bumfuck Twitter users, but they did dip their toe in.

Unless social media posts are pertinent, knock it off with the “Twitter ablaze” or “Internet erupts” nonsense. I’m not even going to bother to look, it’s probably just a handful of people giving their best “Get a load of this guy!” posts.

Don’t forget, Twitter is the modern Caesar’s Mob. It’s probably best not to engage anybody on it anyway. A few years ago I probably would have knocked PageSix for contributing to the whole vapid, banal fashion accessory posts. More than likely I wouldn’t have even seen it as important enough to call out. Bottom line: By and large, tweets are NOT newsworthy. They just aren’t, unless its breaking news or something. Fact is, these kind of articles have completely made up the news cycle and the only reason why I chose this one to pick on is to say…


Source: Jake Gyllenhaal’s gold chain sets Twitter ablaze

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Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal’s Gold Chain is News… (PageSix)

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