SDCC 2019 – Picard Trailer Released!!

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It’s Comic Con season and it is that time of the year when the nerds come out of their basements and we get flooded with tons of news, updates, and trailers. There’s no way I’m going to cover it all, nor would I want to. Most of everything out there is already flooding your newsfeeds already, so knock yourselves out.

Anybody who would know me would know that one of my real passions is Star Trek, for better or worse. During the writing of my book, a great number of hours were spent having at least one of the Trek franchises streaming on repeat. During the course of Bad Things, I must have gone through Deep Space Nine and Voyager at least five times through each.

Any fandom is going to be toxic, and that’s why I pretty much despise fan culture. We all have our own expectations, and I’m no different. I tried to give CBS All Access credit for Star Trek: Discovery, but it is hot garbage. In fact, I hate Discovery. I dislike it so much that I’ve been willing to let go of the possibility of new Star Trek altogether. Even earlier this year, the first teaser to the upcoming Picard left me feeling cold.

Today we have the first full trailer for Picard that was released for the San Diego Comic Con. There’s a lot of things I hate about it, mainly due to the modern trailer style with that “chunk-chunk-chunk” style of music. That being said, we have an appearance of Voyager’s Seven of Nine, which officially has my curiosity piqued. The trailer also ends with some dialogue between Picard and a CGI, de-aged Brent Spiner as Data. This de-aging process really leaves a lot to be desired. As far as I know, Akiva Goldsman (Discovery, Dark Tower) is still involved, so my expectations for Picard are quite tempered.

CBS All Access may end up getting a few bucks from me after all, but if Picard shits the bed I’m done.

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SDCC 2019 – Picard Trailer Released!!

by Matthew Reel time to read: 1 min