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Review: DEATH KISS (2018)

  Last year some modest waves were made among genre sites and trash cinephiles regarding a film starring a Charles Bronson lookalike. The film was marketed as a film in the tradition of the sleaze-filled gritty vigilante films of the 1980’s. The hype came with

Giraffes on Horseback Salad (2019) – Review

  By 1937, Salvador Dali had made his way to the United States as civil war was raging in his home country. It was there that he had found a new world to explore and a new audience. I am not going to go into

Lords of Chaos (2018) – Review

I suppose that what you will take from Lords of Chaos all depends on what your relationship to “the scene” is. Opinions range from “The movie is full of shit” to “It’s fucking brutal.” From an outsider looking in, Lords of Chaos ultimately is about