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REVIEW: Warner shits the bed with BATMAN: HUSH (2019)

I stopped collecting comic books around 1996 or 1997. The hobby was no longer interesting; it became too expensive to buy new issues because speculators were driving the prices up, and the incessant need to throw all of the hyper-kinetic and overdrawn X-Men styled art

REVIEW: Meathook Massacre VI: Bloodline (2020)

For the past thirty years, a series of brutal murders have been occuring across the nation. What was part of a secret government program to cull the population had spun out of control. In spite of the government’s efforts to contain what they started, and

REVIEW: Star Trek: Picard 1.01 (2020)

In 2016, Chris Pratt was being interviewed about the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, the second sequel to the J.J. Abrams Star Trek remake. The interview can be summed up in the first paragraph: Back in 1965, NBC told Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry his science-fiction

Skywalker, Midichlorians and the Damage Done.

On April 2, 1796, a newly discovered and long lost Shakespearean play, Vortigern and Rowena had premiered on the stage. The play had been discovered by a William Henry-Ireland, which he had enthusiastically presented to his Shakespeare-obsessed father. In the years previous, Ireland had uncovered

REVIEW: Taeter City (2012)

“In Taeter City, there is no crime. Using Zeed radio waves, the city’s dictatorship cause criminals to commit suicide. Their corpses are processed and sold as fast-food by conglomerates who nourish the ravenous populace. It was a perfect system…until Zeed started making the criminals stronger…”

REVIEW – El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

Every cycle has its ‘water cooler’ program. Just recently it was Game of Thrones, before that it was The Walking Dead (more or less), etc. Breaking Bad was one of those shows that everyone was talking about for a minute, and I was one of

REVIEW: Repo Chick (2009)

Alex Cox has for a few decades remained one of my favorite directors. He has the singular distinction of directing one of my favorite films (Repo Man), and one of my most hated films (Walker). I can look at his works such as Repo Man,

REVIEW – Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

I think we really need to stop looking to Rotten Tomatoes as a yard stick as whether a movie is good or not. Whenever something gets rated “Certified Fresh,” that means that a movie has an average consensus from a pool of reviewers and audience

REVIEW: The Dip Run (2018)

One of the things that I have found fascinating about social media is how pop culture has become a niche market in many ways. This explains how some of the ‘big’ musical acts seem to come out of nowhere, often to my annoyance. It isn’t