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BOOK REVIEW — Elaine, by Ben Arzate (2020)

The story begins as we find a pair of mutilated corpses. A young man and woman have been left behind in a grisly murder scene. It’s effective as it takes place deep in the woods, the sense of danger and isolation is effectively established. We

REVIEW: Money Shot #1 (2019)

I’ve been behind in reading my ever growing stack of comic books. It’s been a rough, but fulfilling few months, so as things appear to be returning to normal I had decided to visit my comic “pulls” and see what I had been missing. I

REVIEW – Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

I think we really need to stop looking to Rotten Tomatoes as a yard stick as whether a movie is good or not. Whenever something gets rated “Certified Fresh,” that means that a movie has an average consensus from a pool of reviewers and audience

REVIEW – Superman: Year One #1

Earlier this year, DC Comics released a 100 page story by Marv Wolfman titled Man and Superman. It was fun, vibrant and full of life. Man and Superman was the kind of Superman story that largely gets overlooked in the overall need for dark and

REVIEW – Batman: The Last Knight on Earth #1

What was originally announced as a story arc belonging to Scott Snyder’s All Star Batman in 2016, BATMAN: The Last Knight on Earth became a miniseries that was destined to arrive on DC’s controversial Black Label Imprint. The concept, boiled down to its most basic

Giraffes on Horseback Salad (2019) – Review

  By 1937, Salvador Dali had made his way to the United States as civil war was raging in his home country. It was there that he had found a new world to explore and a new audience. I am not going to go into